Payday 2 Gets a New Weapon Pack On PC

Fas of the co-op shooter, Payday 2, on the PC can now look forward to a brand new weapon pack from Gage.

The Gage Weapon Pack 02 can be picked up on Steam for $4.99 USD and is stuffed with the following content.

  • 3 new light machine guns
  • 4 new knives
  • 4 new masks
  • 4 new materials
  • 4 new patterns
  • 10 new achievements

While you may have the all new powerful weaponry at your disposal, Overkill Software is also set to introduce a tough-as-nails special paratrooper unit called the “Cloaker” to the game, giving you the perfect opportunity to test your new toys when they arrive this February.

Much like previous DLC for the game, it appears the new content will be arriving on the PC platform only.

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