PGA Tour 2K21 Update 1.05 October 20 Adds Halloween Content

PGA Tour 2K21 Update 1.05 October 20

Golf gamers, HB Studios has rolled out the PGA Tour 2K21 update 1.05 October 20 patch, and this is for Halloween! There are new customization items for MyPlayer! Check out the new trailer for today’s update and more details below.

PGA Tour 2K21 Update 1.05 October 20 Patch Notes:

The new customization items include a Halloween-themed pumpkin helmet, oversized hats and shutter shades. You can also clown your crew as you take to the green with an assortment of unorthodox new putters shaped like a banana, taco, hot dog and fish. Halloween is almost here, and PGA TOUR 2K21 is about to get weird.

We’re on the lookout if HB Studios made gameplay-related changes as well, since we’re looking forward to matchmaking fixes. If we find any, we’ll update the post. If you spot any gameplay-related changes from today’s patch, let us know down in the comments.

For those who haven’t bought the game yet, check out our review where we state, “I would recommend this one heartily with only a couple of words of caution. Whatever your background and preferences, nearly everyone loves an underdog. The scrappy challenger that tries something new and ends up changing the game and becoming the new top dog. That’s kind of the story of this franchise. You have to respect it for that if nothing else.”

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