Phantom Blade Zero Console Exclusive to PS5, Also Coming to PC

phantom blade zero console exclusive

Possibly the biggest reveal yesterday was S-Games’ Phantom Blade Zero; a new action game that’s based on Chinese Kung-Fu, which looked amazing.

At the reveal, the game was mentioned to be in development on the PS5. While it’s natural for Sony to not mention any other platforms other than its own in its own show, it seems we can now confirm that Phantom Blade Zero is indeed a console exclusive to the PS5, though it’s also coming to PC.

This info was gleamed over on the game’s official website where the platforms for the game were shown:

As you can see, it plainly shows the PS5, Steam and the Epic Games Store logos which confirm it’s coming to Sony’s platform and PC. Glaringly missing is the Xbox Series X|S logo.

For now, it’s not known whether Phantom Blade Zero is a timed console exclusive to the PS5. We’ve reached out to S-Game and if we hear anything back, we’ll be sure to update the article with the info.

According to S-Game, “In Phantom Blade Zero, you’re Soul, an elite assassin serving an elusive but powerful organization known simply as “The Order”. He was framed for the murder of The Order’s patriarch and gravely injured in the manhunt that ensued. A mystic healer managed to save him from death, but makeshift cure only lasts for 66 days. He must find out the mastermind behind it all before his time runs out, against powerful foes and inhuman monstrosities.”

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13 days ago

Looks interesting – always liked the samurai style of games. One to keep an eye on.

13 days ago

Almost none of Sony’s games are exclusive. Here I thought that was there whole thing.

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