PlanetSide 2 The Shattered Warpgate Is Now Available on PC, Out on PS4 Later This Month

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Revealed a little over a month back, PlanetSide 2 The Shattered Warpgate has officially launched on PC, bringing with it some of PlanetSide 2’s biggest changed yet.

PlanetSide 2 players are in for one massive treat with the Shattered Warpgate update as it introduces a new lore-driven mission system that’ll expand across multiple campaigns. The first of these campaign driven stories is known as “The Shattered Warpgate,” which will see players return to a newly remastered continent, Esamir, a frozen harsh tundra now bolstering a powerful energy storm surging with deadly bolts of lighting.  

“Unlike in a traditional single-player adventure, the term ‘Campaign’ in our game alludes to the compelling military nature of PlanetSide 2,” said Michael Henderson, Lead Designer. “Our players are soldiers embattled in an endless planetary war, and each of our Campaigns will develop the story of how the war and the world around them is evolving.”

To help guide players through the launch of The Shattered Warpgate, Rogue Planet Games have also published a detailed launch day, which goes into details of some of the new features (major ones below). You can read their launch day guide here

Major features added in the PlanetSide 2 Shattered Warpgate update:

  • Esamir Revamped: The continent of Esamir has gone through a major transformation, including reworked bases and facilities, new alien flora and skybox improvements, and a deadly electrical storm roaming the battlefield. 

  • All-New Mission System: Players now have access to a wide range of daily mission types that can be completed for rewards. Members will receive additional daily mission unlocks.

  • New Weapons & Equipment: New items like the Icepick melee weapon, Havoc Rockets, and Condensate Grenades are now available as Campaign rewards or purchasable from the in-game Depot.  

  • Sanctuary Changes: Social hub improvements include graphical upgrades and the addition of cross-faction text chat. 

  • Outfit Resource Rebalancing: War Asset costs have been overhauled to better reward and incentivize Outfits who participate in base captures.

  • Indar Terrain Changes: Key locations on the continent of Indar have been reworked to improve the overall balance and combat flow on the map.  

These are just some of the big highlights of changes introduced in The Shattered Warpgate, and if you are interested in reading the full changelog, be sure to head on over to the official PlanetSide 2 forums

As for PlanetSide 2 players on the PS4, you shouldn’t have to wait too long as the update is scheduled to release later this month. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as to when it gets released, along with the full patch notes that may include additional changes. 

PlanetSide 2 is free-to-play and available on both the PC and PS4.