Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Beta Changelog Released

With the world getting their first taste of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 just over two weeks ago via the open beta, PopCap HD has now released a rather lengthy changelog of gameplay tweaks the studio has made since.

Probably most notable of the changes is the slight nerf to movement speed for every character, aside from the Chomper, Scientist, Sunflower, and Super Brainz. Here’s the full list of changes you can expect once the game is released later this month:

Beta Changelog

New Features:

  • Added Region Selector to choose which multiplayer server to connect to in Multiplayer Portal.
  • Added some additional quests to the Backyard Battleground.
  • Improved presentation for Super Boss Waves in Ops modes.
  • Improvements to stickers in sticker shop for better readability.
  • Numerous quality fixes.

Tuning Notes:

  • Corn:
    • Increased corn weapon damage.
  • Citron:
    • Laser will overheat faster.
    • Shield strength decreased.
  • Rose:
    • Damage increased.
    • Reduced stamina cost for Arcane blast when in Arcane Enigma form.
    • Rose Magic Thistles target lock improvements. This allows the player to move the crosshair off of their target for up to 0.5s before they lose the lock.
    • Rose now does regular damage to Mechs instead of blocked damage.
  • Super Brainz:
    • Removed ammo for punches and allow for infinite punching.
    • Increased fist beam strength.
    • Reduced cooldown times for all abilities to allow more frequent ability usage.
    • Significantly increased whirlwind damage
  • Imp:
    • Reduced ammo count for primary weapons.
    • Increased gravity grenade cooldown time.
    • Greatly reduced Impkata range and damage.
    • Reduced Z-Mech Health.
    • Improved biotic pull for Z7-Mech
  • Captain Deadbeard:
    • Significantly Improved barrel protection
  • Engineer:
    • Engineer turret now uses Mechanic crosshair instead of Default Engineer crosshair.
    • Reduced Jackhammer time
    • Engineer turret improvements for damage and projectile speed
  • Sunflower:
    • Vampire Sunflower now does Regular, Blocked, and Critical damage instead of just Regular damage.

Additional Changes:

  • Characters hit with the toxic buff now spread toxic damage to close teammates.
  • Gooped characters now have a uniform look speed penalty.
  • Healer Improvements – Scientists and Sunflowers revive teammates to 100% health (all other characters revive to 50%).
  • Fixed respawn/revive invulnerability timer.
  • Pirate Cannon, Pirate Barrel, Engineer Turret, Whirlwind, and Impkata can now be dispelled by the Spikeweed.
  • Increased number of Vanquishes required to fill Legendary Meters.
  • Fixed bug where Burrowed Chompers could move the Balls in Space mini game.
  • Impkata and Husk Hop are now dispelled by knockback.
  • Drone cooldowns now continue on death/respawn.
  • Decreased camera flinch when receiving damage.
  • Many other bug fixes!

PopCap also showcased a new Garden Ops maps, Sandy Sands, in their latest developer stream, which features a huge sandstorm that will hinder your field of vision. You can re-watch the full stream at this link.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 launches February 23 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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