This Destiny 2 Player Has the Absolute Worst Iron Banner Luck

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner gear is some of the most coveted, as it looks damn cool, and comes with some decent stats and perks. Unfortunately, what gear you get is all down to luck. And some players, despite investing a huge amount of time into the event, have had the worst luck ever!

Over on Reddit, user “cheyTacWolfpack” claims he has opened 27 Iron Banner packages and received zero pieces of armor!

“To say I’m a bit jaded would be an understatement. I’m calling it quits on this months IB with zero armor pieces. Interestingly enough I’m going to be pissed if they recycle the armor again for the next IB as that to me would be exceedingly lazy and unrewarding to those who had better fortune than I. TLDR F*** The Token System.

Edit: I just want to say that I am glad to see the positive reception to this post. Hopefully by next IB we will see some changes initiated to he system. There is always hope.”

User “ggmarasov” provided their thoughts and received 285 points, with many agreeing:

“The token system isn’t even the issue? The issue is that they removed the few pieces that were guaranteed after achieving a certain milestone/rank needed to purchase the piece. The token system is fine – we just need a clear goal and not just “try your luck!” If they’re going to keep it as-is they need to up the drop rate of tokens to about the same as doing a lost sector during the faction rallies.”

“Bladecontrol” is just as angry as OP, after having turned in 43 packages:

“I’ve turned in 43 packages so far and i’ve got countless s*** guns that I don’t want, 5 helms, 3 gloves, 3 chests, 0 boots and 4 bonds. I’ve had decent luck i guess with drops but as a non pvp player thats over 150 games of Iron Banner without a set, are you f***ing kidding me bungie”

I share their pain, though I’ve only turned in about four or five… Yeah, not exactly the same, but I still feel that some awesome purchasable loot would be welcome. That’s how the Destiny Iron Banner did it, and it worked well enough!

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Source: Reddit