PlayStation 4 ‘Party Chat’ Will Be Free, Friends List Upped To 2000, According To Q&A

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Tired of making the tough choice of having to remove someone from your friends list to make room for another one, due to the current-generation limit of only 100 friends? If so, you will be interested to know what Sony is planning with the PlayStation 4, which is set to launch sometime this holiday season.

According to the recently released Q&A video from Sony’s PlayStation Access channel, which you check out here, Sony is planning a big change for the PlayStation 4 in terms of social activity. With the PlayStation 4, the highly requested party chat service can be accessed without the need of a PlayStation Plus account. Sony will also dramatically bump up the friend limit cap all the way up to 2000, which beats out the 1000 friend limit the Xbox One is reported to have.

Additionally, those who already have a PSN avatar and username won’t need to worry about having to making a whole new identity once the PlayStation 4 launches, as your current PSN alias will carry over to the Playstation 4.

Do you think you will ever be able to reach the cap limit for the PlayStation 4’s friend limit?