Report – PlayStation 4 Slim Model Leaks, Expected To Release Next Month

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We are just two weeks away from the PlayStation meeting. It is here that Sony is expected to announce the PlayStation Neo, along with a slimmer model of the original PlayStation 4.

Many leaked images have surfaced online today of the new slim model after multiple listing on the Gumtree auction site appeared. The seller was kind enough to supply multiple images as proof that the console is indeed real. Below is a collection of the console, which is estimated to be about 15% slimmer. Aside from that, it seems that the console doesn’t come packed with any new features like 4K playback support, a feature that Microsoft included with the Xbox One S model.

Images come from Neogaf.

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ThisGenGaming is also reporting that the console will release on September 14th, just one week after the PlayStation Meeting. Pricing is unknown, but being a slimmer model, we can assume it’ll be cheaper than the current PS4, if not equivalent.