PlayStation Discord Integration Announced & Starts Today, Here’s How to Link Your PSN Account With Discord

Just a few weeks ago, the PlayStation to Discord integration was spotted on the PlayStation Network backend, which suggested that it was incoming. Well, that day is today, as Discord has officially announced it, as well as provide a quick tutorial on how to do it. Note that Sony says that integration is being rolled out “gradually,” so be patient if it doesn’t work smoothly right away.

Those who link their PSN profile with Discord can display their PS4 and/or PS5 game activity in their user profile!

How to Link PlayStation Account With Discord:

To connect your Discord account to your PlayStation Network account, open up Discord and head into User Settings > Connections on either desktop or web. On mobile, go to User Settings > Connections.

On this page, you’ll see a newly-added PlayStation icon. Choose that, and you’re already on your way!

From there, a browser window to authorize from your PlayStation account will pop up. Use it to sign in to your account on the login page and boom: your PlayStation Network account is all connected. Simple, right?

Once connected, two new options will appear for your PlayStation Network account: “Display on Profile” and “Display PlayStation Network as your status.” While displaying your PlayStation online ID is all fine and dandy, showing your game activity is the real deal and will inspire your friends to join along for the ride.

Now, the game you’re currently playing on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console will be happily displayed in your user profile for all your friends and community members to see!

Do note that on your PSN Privacy Settings, your “PSN Online Status” and “Now Playing” visibility must be set to “Anyone” in order for your status to be visible on Discord. Take a peek at PlayStation’s article on “How to change privacy settings on PlayStation Network” in case you may have adjusted them before.

If you don’t see the option just yet, Discord has announced the following:

Don’t see the option quite yet? PlayStation Network account connection is gradually rolling out to U.S. Discord users with additional countries soon to follow — check back later in User Settings > Connections if it’s not there for you at the moment.

The ability to connect your Discord account with your PSN account is out today, and will be available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and the web app.

Source: Discord

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