PlayStation Experience 2018 Not Happening According to Sony

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For those wondering why we still haven’t heard anything about this year’s PlayStation Experience, there’s a simple answer to that: PlayStation Experience 2018 is not happening, that’s why!

This news tidbit was confirmed by Sony PlayStation Worldwide Studios boss Shawn Layden in the latest PlayStation Blogcast stating, “For 2018, I know this is going to be a disappointment to some people, but we decided to not hold PlayStation Experience this year.”

That’s a bummer. This dashes all hope that a PS5 tease might happen. Then again, with the way Sony’s been delivering the goods this year, we can’t really fault the company for skipping one gaming event.

In other PlayStation news, Sony has finally allowed cross-platform play, and it’s starting with Fortnite! We also posted a new story wherein the PlayStation Music channel has seemingly confirmed The Last of Us Part II will ship next year.

Source: Reddit, IGN