PlayStation Store Sale – God of War Anniversary Sale

god of war pc review

While there’s still no sight of the PlayStation Store sale for Easter, Sony did spring a new sale on us, and it’s the God of War Anniversary sale! As expected, the complete God of War saga, which includes 2018’s God of War, is available for low prices!

Game Price % Off
God of War $23.99 40%
God of War Digital Deluxe Edition $29.99 40%
God of War III Remastered $13.99 30%

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There’s also a sale for the PS3 versions of the game if you’re still using that platform.

It’s not clear whether we’re getting a PSN Eastern sale today, but I gather, it should be soon-ish given the timing. To make sure you don’t miss it, bookmark our Deals hub.

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5 years ago

I wish they ported ascension to ps4 like they did with gow3

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