PlayStation Store Sale This Week Called PS Plus Specials, Ends April 30, Here’s the Games List

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Finally, after weeks of not having a PlayStation Store sale, Sony has finally rolled out this week’s PlayStation Store sale, and it’s a big one! Called the PS Plus Specials, this week’s sale ends on April 30, 2019.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s discounted games list.

GamePS+% Off
18 Floors$8.9940%
A Way Out$17.9940%
Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron$11.9920%
Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron – Nebelgeschwader$11.9920%
Alekhine’s Gun$5.9980%
All-Star Fruit Racing$14.9940%
Almost There: The Platformer$7.4925%
Arizona Sunshine – Dead Man DLC$1.9920%
Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered$14.9950%
Assassin’s Creed® Origins – The Hidden Ones$4.9950%
Assassin’s Creed® Origins – The Curse of the Pharaohs$9.9950%
Assassin’s Creed® Origins$14.9975%
Assassin’s Creed® Origins Deluxe Edition$17.4975%
Assassin’s Creed® Origins Gold Edition$24.9975%
Assassin’s Creed® Origins Season Pass$19.9950%
Battlefield 4™$4.9975%
Battlefield 4™ Premium Edition$9.9975%
Battlefield World War Bundle$49.9950%
Battlefield™ 1 & Titanfall® 2 Ultimate Bundle$29.9950%
Battlefield™ 1 Premium Pass$11.9970%
Battlefield™ 1 Revolution$9.9975%
Battlefield™ Hardline Premium$11.9970%
Battlefield™ Hardline Ultimate Edition$11.9970%
Battlefield™ V$29.9950%
Battlefield™ V Deluxe Edition$39.9950%
Battlefield™ V Deluxe Edition Upgrade$9.9950%
Beast Quest$7.9980%
Borderlands 2 VR$37.4925%
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back$4.9975%
Burnout™ Paradise Remastered$4.9975%
Carnival Games®$23.9940%
Chicken Range$6.2475%
Code51:Mecha Arena$9.9950%
Crash Dummy$14.9950%
Dead Alliance™$7.9980%
Degrees of Separation$9.9950%
Die for Valhalla!$5.9950%
Die for Valhalla! – Special Edition$7.4950%
DiRT Rally 2.0$35.9940%
DiRT Rally 2.0 Digital Deluxe$47.9940%
Dragon Age™: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition$9.9975%
Drone Striker$7.4925%
EA SPORTS™ 19 Bundle$49.9950%
EA SPORTS™ NHL® 19$17.9970%
EA SPORTS™ UFC® 3$11.9970%
EA SPORTS™ UFC® 3 Deluxe Edition$17.9970%
Elk Simulator$7.4950%
EVERSPACE™ – Encounters$4.9950%
EVERSPACE™ – Stellar Edition$9.9975%
F1 2018$17.9970%
FIFA 19$17.9970%
FIFA 19 – NHL® 19 Bundle$39.9950%
FIFA 19 Champions Edition$23.9970%
FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition$29.9970%
FIFA The Journey Trilogy$34.9950%
Fishing Sim World$11.9940%
Fishing Sim World Deluxe Edition$14.9940%
Fishing Sim World: Gigantica Road Lake$8.7920%
Fishing Sim World: Jezioro Bestii$7.6930%
Fishing Sim World: Lake Arnold$8.2425%
Fishing Sim World: Lake Dylan$8.7920%
Fishing Sim World: Lake Williams$6.5940%
Fishing Sim World: Quad Lake Pass$22.1940%
Fishing Sim World: Trophy Hunter’s Equipment Pack$4.4925%
Forgotton Anne$11.9940%
Gnomes Garden$3.4930%
Gnomes Garden 2$3.4930%
Gnomes Garden: New home$3.4930%
Gravel Special Edition$12.4975%
Gun Club VR$12.4950%
Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR$11.9940%
Horizon Chase Turbo$11.9940%
Hungry Shark® World$4.9950%
Hunting Simulator$7.9980%
Hyper Jam$13.4910%
GamePS+% Off
Idle Champions: Bruenor Starter Pack$4.9950%
Idle Champions: Chwinga Familiar$4.9950%
Idle Champions: Faerie Dragon Familiar$7.4950%
Infinite Air with Mark McMorris$5.9980%
Insane Robots$9.9950%
Insane Robots – Deluxe Edition$16.4950%
Insane Robots – Robot Pack 1$1.4950%
Insane Robots – Robot Pack 2$1.4950%
Insane Robots – Robot Pack 3$1.4950%
‘n Verlore Verstand$7.4950%
I, Zombie$2.2450%
Insane Robots – Robot Pack 4$1.4950%
Insane Robots – Robot Pack 5$1.4950%
Insane Robots – Robot Pack 6$1.4950%
Insane Robots – Season Pass$7.4950%
It’s Quiz Time$11.9940%
Jurassic World Evolution$24.9950%
Jurassic World Evolution Deluxe Edition$27.4950%
Jurassic World Evolution: Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack$4.3920%
Jurassic World Evolution: Deluxe Dinosaur Pack$8.2425%
Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr Wu$11.9920%
Just Cause 3: XXL Edition$8.9970%
Just Dance 2019$19.9950%
Knockout League$14.9950%
Layers of Fear$4.9975%
Layers of Fear + observer_ Bundle$19.9950%
Legendary Fishing$14.9950%
Lichdom: Battlemage$5.9980%
Loading Human: Chapter 1$7.9980%
Madden NFL 19$11.9980%
Madden NFL 19 – FIFA 19 Bundle$39.9950%
Madden NFL 19: Hall of Fame Edition$15.9980%
Mass Effect™: Andromeda – Deluxe Recruit Edition$9.9975%
Mass Effect™: Andromeda – Standard Recruit Edition$7.4975%
Mervils: A VR Adventure$5.9970%
METAL MAX Xeno$29.9925%
Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams$17.4930%
Monopoly Family Fun Pack$3.9980%
Monster Energy Supercross – Special Edition$14.9970%
Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame$11.9970%
Mortal Blitz$5.9970%
Motorcycle Club$3.9980%
Mount & Blade: Warband$5.9970%
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden$26.2425%
MXGP PRO$14.9970%
My Little Riding Champion$14.9950%
n Verlore Verstand – Deluxe Edition$9.9950%
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2$14.9950%
NBA 2K19$17.9970%
NBA 2K19 + NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Bundle$23.9970%
NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition$49.9950%
Need for Speed™$4.9975%
Need for Speed™ Deluxe Edition$6.2475%
Need for Speed™ Payback$9.9950%
Need for Speed™ Payback – Deluxe Edition$14.9950%
Need for Speed™ Rivals$4.9975%
Next Up Hero$4.9975%
NHL® 19 Legends Edition$20.9970%
NHL® 19 Ultimate Edition$23.9970%
Nickelodeon Kart Racers$19.9950%
Ninjin: Clash of Carrots$4.4970%
Overcooked! 2$17.4930%
Overcooked! 2 – Surf ‘n’ Turf$4.7920%
Overcooked! 2 – Too Many Cooks Pack$2.3920%
Override: Mech City Brawl$8.9970%
Override: Mech City Brawl – Super Charged Mega Edition$11.9970%
GamePS+% Off
Paper Dolls$12.7425%
Party Crashers$7.4950%
Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition$2.9980%
Phantom Doctrine$11.9970%
Pinball FX3 – Aliens vs. Pinball$4.9950%
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2 No-Brainerz Upgrade$7.4950%
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2 Super Fertilizer Upgrade$7.4950%
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition$4.9980%
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2: Standard Edition$3.9980%
Prison Boss VR$11.9940%
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Royal Edition$14.9940%
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Royal Edition OST Combo$17.0940%
Road Rage$5.9980%
RUSH VR$12.4950%
SEGA Genesis Classics$20.9930%
Shenmue I & II$20.9930%
Sherlock Holmes : The Devil’s Daughter$9.9980%
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition$11.9970%
STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ Ultimate Edition$4.9975%
STAR WARS™ Battlefront™: Hoth Bundle$7.4975%
Starlink: Battle for Atlas Collection 1 Pack$29.9950%
Starlink: Battle For Atlas Deluxe Edition$39.9950%
Starlink: Battle For Atlas Digital Edition$29.9950%
Steep X Games Gold Edition$24.9950%
Super Daryl Deluxe$9.9950%
Surf World Series$7.4950%
Tennis World Tour$14.9975%
Tennis World Tour – Legends Edition$22.4970%
The Bridge$1.9980%
The Crew® 2 Gold Edition$29.9970%
The First Tree$5.9940%
The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA TOUR$29.9940%
The Golf Club 2™$5.9980%
The Jackbox Party Pack 4$12.4950%
The Night Journey$9.9950%
The Sims™ 4$7.9980%
The Sims™ 4 Bundle – City Living…$24.9950%
The Sims™ 4 Bundle – Get to Work, Dine Out, Cool Kitchen Stuff$24.9950%
The Sims™ 4 Cats & Dogs$19.9950%
The Sims™ 4 City Living$19.9950%
The Sims™ 4 Deluxe Party Edition$9.9980%
The Sims™ 4 Dine Out$9.9950%
The Sims™ 4 Get to Work$19.9950%
The Sims™ 4 Parenthood$9.9950%
The Sims™ 4 Vampires$9.9950%
The Swords of Ditto$9.9950%
The Walker$5.9940%
Timber Tennis: Versus$0.9950%
Titanfall® 2: Ultimate Edition$7.4975%
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition$11.9970%
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition$34.9950%
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Edition$54.9950%
Tom Clancy’s The Division™$9.9980%
Tom Clancy’s The Division™ Gold Edition$17.9980%
Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded$29.9940%
Train Sim World®$24.9950%
Train Sim World® Digital Deluxe Edition$29.9950%
Train Sim World®: BR Class 33$14.9925%
Train Sim World®: Long Island Rail Road$20.9930%
Train Sim World®: Northern Trans-Pennine$22.4925%
Train Sim World®: Ruhr-Sieg Nord$14.9950%
Train Sim World®: West Somerset Railway$12.4950%
TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge$17.9970%
GamePS+% Off
Unearthing Mars$7.4950%
Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War$13.9930%
Unravel Two$4.9975%
V-Rally 4$17.9970%
V-Rally 4 Ultimate Edition$23.9970%
Wailing Heights$5.9950%
Walden, a game$9.4950%
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr$17.9970%
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Deluxe edition$19.4970%
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Imperium edition$39.9950%
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Season pass$8.9970%
Warhammer: Vermintide 2$20.9930%
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Premium Edition$31.4930%
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Ultimate Edition Bundle$38.4930%
Welcome to Hanwell$5.9970%
Wizard of Legend$11.1930%
WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship$14.9970%
WRC Collection$21.9980%
WWE 2K19$17.9970%
WWE 2K19 Digital Deluxe Edition$26.9970%
WWE 2K19 Season Pass$14.9950%

Now that’s one massive games sale, no? Which titles are youg etting>