Pokemon Go Gen 3 Now Available, Here’s All 50 New Hoenn Creatures

Pokemon Go fans, it’s finally time to begin capturing the third generation of pocket monsters. 50 new Pokemon have been added to the game, which all come from the Hoenn region.

In addition to these new faces, the update also brings some big gameplay changes and bug fixes.

Here are the patch notes:

– 50 additional Pokemon originally discovered in the Hoenn region can be caught.

– Real-world weather conditions are now reflected in Map View, in battle, and when catching Pokémon.

– Added a weather icon that can be tapped to highlight which Pokémon types are more likely to appear in the surrounding area and will be affected by current weather conditions.

– Added the beta feature to create battle parties that allow Trainers to save teams of up to six Pokémon to take into Gym battles and Raid Battles.

– Increased Pokemon Storage maximum to 1,500.

– Updated the battle interface to include a dedicated button for performing a Charged Attack.

– Various bug fixes and performance updates.

Dedicated Pokemon Go subreddit, TheSilphRoad, has compiled a list of the new 50 Pokemon:

252 Treecko

253 Grovyle

254 Sceptile

255 Torchic

256 Combusken

257 Blaziken

258 Mudkip

259 Marshtomp

260 Swampert

261 Poochyena

262 Mightyena

263 Zigzagoon

264 Linoone

265 Wurmple

266 Silcoon

267 Beautifly

268 Cascoon

269 Dustox

273 Seedot

274 Nuzleaf

275 Shiftry

280 Ralts

281 Kirlia

282 Gardevoir

285 Shroomish

286 Breloom

287 Slakoth

288 Vigoroth

289 Slaking

296 Makuhita

297 Hariyama

298 Azurill

300 Skitty

301 Delcatty

303 Mawile

307 Meditite

308 Medicham

309 Electrike

310 Manectric

311 Plusle

312 Minun

315 Roselia

316 Gulpin

317 Swalot

325 Spoink

326 Grumpig

335 Zangoose

336 Seviper

359 Absol

360 Wynaut

Will you be trying to catch ’em all? Let us know.

In other gaming news, all of The Game Awards 2017 winners have been announced, the PlayStation Experience 2017 livestream has been and gone, but is viewable here, and Ubisoft has delayed Far Cry 5The Crew 2, and an “unannounced franchise” game.

Source: Reddit

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