Polyphony Digital Has “No Intention” of Stopping Gran Turismo Sport Free Updates, 5 New Cars Added Next Week

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Just last year, we posted a story where the free content rolled out for Gran Turismo Sport was rounded up, and it was quite a lot. If you’re looking forward to more Gran Turismo Sport free updates, you’ll be getting for sure if Polyphony Digital has anything to say about it.

Speaking to GTPlanet, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi mentioned that the studio has no intention of stopping the free updates GT Sport has been getting saying, “Yes, we have no intention of stopping those updates and additional content for the game.”

For those looking forward to new cars, you’ll be getting just that next week! Over on Twitter, Yamauchi revealed that five new cars will be included in the game!

The amount of support Gran Turismo Sport has been getting since launch has been fantastic so far! Let’s hope Polyphony continues this well into the year.

What sort of free updates do you want to see in GT Sport? Are you happy with the studio’s post-launch support?