Possible Diablo 4 Bug Causes Hardcore Player Deaths by Treasure Goblins

diablo 4 bug treasure gobline

A new potential Diablo 4 bug has cropped up, and this one’s particularly nasty for Hardcore players. The suspected bug involves the Treasure Goblin, a loot pinata in Diablo 4 that drops loot and gold when killed. Normally, this makes Treasure Goblins sought after, with players wanting to take them down before they flee for those sweet rewards. It turns out, however, that the possible bug may cause players to die after killing certain Treasure Goblins.

Check out this clip by Killthuzad on Twitch, where the interaction occurs:

What you’re seeing is Killthuzad’s character dying from a Treasure Goblin’s Death Pulse. Normally, Treasure Goblins do no damage, as they’re pacifists in-game, but certain Treasure Goblins can spawn with Death Pulse, an effect that unleashes a wave of damage upon being killed. Normally, a Death Pulse isn’t enough to kill a player, much less a high-level Hardcore player who’s likely very careful with how they play the game, which is why many are claiming this interaction to be a bug of some kind.

A thread on the Blizzard forums was made surrounding the topic, and while a few people have chimed in on their experiences with the matter. Here are some of the testimonies from that thread:

The same thing just happened to me. I was doing T26 nighmtmare with my 76 Necro and after killing the treassure goblin i instantz died. I am a casual player and loosing 86 hours to such a bug is really bad… is there anz way?

– Chillout


HOLY I have been looking for exactly this. I lost my lvl 100 HC Rogue a couple days ago and watched the replay dozens of times trying to figure out what went wrong. This is 100% it! Clip below showing the exact same thing happening to me.

My rogue had 14k+ hp, tons of dmg reduction and normally the death pulses do nothing to me. Kill the goblin thinking he’s an easy target for some loot and INSTAKILLED 100-0 no warning.

I doubt we get any help here but other people should definitely be aware. RIP to us all :frowning:

forum won’t let me post a link because it’s my first post here… I have a clip saved on twitch on twitch dot tv fw-slash unclemumble showing the death

– UncleMumble

Blizzard has yet to comment on the thread or on the interaction as a whole.

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