Powerwash Simulator Update 1.06 for June 29 Brings Patch 1.3 and SpongeBob SquarePants Content

sh Simulator Update 1.06

FutureLab has released Powerwash Simulator update 1.06 on all platforms, and this is for patch 1.3, and also brings the SpongeBob Squarepants content into the game. Read on for what’s new in the Powerwash Simulator June 29 patch notes.

Powerwash Simulator Update 1.06 Patch Notes | Powerwash Simulator Update 1.3 Patch Notes:

Alongside this DLC is a patch for the base game, including:

– Achievement Fixes
– As it was foretold
– First Steps
– Impeccable Balance
– Online stability updates
– Performance updates
– Various bug fixes

Powerwash Simulator SpongeBob SquarePants New Content:

What’s included in the SpongeBob SquarePants Special Pack?

Six Jobs and a New Mini-Campaign

Someone, or something, has been depositing dirt all over the once tidy tidal town of Bikini Bottom, get to the bottom of it in a new mini-campaign spanning across six iconic vehicles and locations from the animated series: Conch Street, The Bikini Bottom Bus, The Krusty Krab; The Patty Wagon; The Invisible Boatmobile and The Mermalair.

A New Look for the PWS Character Model

For the first time ever, we’ve redesigned the PowerWash character model exclusively for this Special Pack. You’ll fit right in with the crowd as a true Bottomite, with a custom-designed gear that could rival even Sandy Cheeks’ best inventions. We’ve been ashore-d that your power washer will work just fine underwater, powered by advanced technology from the SpongeBob SquarePants universe: imagination.

Ten Achievements!

We’ve also added ten new achievements to fish for in this Special Pack.

That’s about it for this title update. The Powerwash Simulator SpongeBob content can be bought for $7.99/€7.99/£6.49.

Source: Steam

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