PS Plus April 2018 Free Games Announced, Here’s the Full List

Mad Max Video Game

It’s that time of the month again, people! Sony has announced the PlayStation PS Plus April 2018 free games for this coming month! If you’re one of the many who look forward to each month’s “free” slate of titles, then April’s list might be a mixed bag.

The main game in the list is Avalanche Studios’ action title, Mad Max. Joining it will be racing game TrackMania Turbo also for the PS4. Check out the official descriptions for each game.

Mad Max

Mad Max for PS4! Developed by Avalanche Studios, you star as the iconic lone warrior surviving a hostile Wasteland. Max Rockatansky’s dangerous journey begins after a gang steals his legendary Interceptor. Combining open-world vehicle combat with bone-crunching battles, Mad Max will keep you fully immersed as you fight to get your Interceptor back and make it to the Plains of Silence.

TrackMania Turbo

Racing fans will appreciate TrackMania Turbo, a polished PS4 arcade racing game where your goal is to achieve the perfect racing time. You can hone your skills with 200 pre-built tracks, then create and share your own custom tracks to make the competition last forever.

Also joining the PS Plus April 2018 free games list are:

  • In Space we Brawl, PS3
  • Toy Home, PS3
  • 99 Vidas, PS Vita
  • Q*Bert Rebooted, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS3 and PS4)

Don’t forget to download the free PS3 and PS Vita games since we only have a few months left before the free games are just for the PS4. Check out a quick look at March’s free games to see if they’re worth the download in the video below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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