PS Plus December Free Games Download Links for US & EU Now Up, Download Them Here

ps plus december free games download

In case you didn’t know, Sony announced the PlayStation Plus free games December 2018 list, which includes the horror game SOMA, and car combat racing game Onrush.

Those looking to play the games ASAP, we have your back! Below are the PS Plus December free games download links for both US and EU!


  • SOMA  (Download: US, EU)

A follow-up to the sensationally scary Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SOMA is one part brooding existential sci-fi, one part nail-biting cat-and-mouse adventure. It manages to not only excel in the hide-and-seek horror genre its creators popularised, but go way beyond it.

You’ll find yourself transported to a dilapidated industrial facility following an experimental new treatment for a head injury. Surrounded by deranged machinery and with only a mysterious voice on the intercom to guide you, it’s up to you to unravel the mystery of how you wound up there – and how to get back home.

  • Onrush Standard Digital Edition (Download: US, EU)

You’ve tried racing, you’ve tried car combat, but have you ever tried to do both while boosting at breakneck speeds across wildly uneven off-road terrain? No? Well, now is your moment.

From the twisted minds behind the hugely successful MotorStorm series, Onrush delivers a lightning-paced arcade racing experience that puts as much emphasis on trashing your opponents as overtaking them.

  • Iconclasts – PS4/Vita crossbuy (Download: US, EU)


  • Papers, Please (Download: US, EU)


  • Steredenn Classic (Download: US, EU)
  • SteinsGate (Download: US, EU)

What do you make of this month’s free games offering? If you tried any of them, let us know what you think in the comments.

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