PS4 System Update 1.60 Adds Pulse Headset Support, Option to Mute Camera Microphone

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Rejoice wireless headset owners. With the latest firmware update, Sony’s Pulse Elite Edition and Wireless Headset are now compatible with the PS4, along with support for the upcoming Gold Edition Wireless Headset ($99).

Sony also announced the return of the Headset Companion App (formerly the Pulse-Elite Manager App), which features developer-made sound modes to enhance the audio experience.

Owners of the Playstation 4 Camera will be happy to hear that muting the microphone is now possible in the OS. This removes the need for players to unplug the camera whenever they wanted not to be heard.

Last year, Sony announced the PS4 would have support for its PS3 wireless headsets. Closer to the launch of the PS4, it was revealed that owners would have to wait for a post-launch patch.

Source: Playstation Blog