PS4 Firmware 7.00 Beta Invites Are Being Sent Out and Here’s What’s Being Tested

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It seems Sony is set to roll out a new PS4 firmware update soon, and it’s the long-awaited PS4 firmware 7.00! Over on ResetEra, user HamsterPlugin posted that he got a PS4 firmware 7.00 beta invite, which can be used 20 times.

So what’s being tested in this firmware? It’s primarily boosting the Party sessions from eight to 16 players, and possibly the bigger addition, your PS4 system won’t need to restart after every update (yay!).

Be one of the first players to try out the new PS4™ Party update, as part of the PlayStation® Beta experience. Play, chat and connect with even more friends online, as we’re boosting Party sessions from eight to 16 players – this brand-new feature is due to release in System Software Update 7.00.

Performance for system updates is also being improved, meaning your PS4™ won’t always need to restart after every update. Going forwards, select system software updates will automatically be installed after download if the [System Software Update Files] setting is switched on, found under:

[Settings] > [System] > [Auto Downloads]

No official release date has been given for the PS4 firmware 7.00 roll out, but given Sony springs out system updates whenever it feels like it, we can expect it maybe sometime before December. Speaking of which, the last firmware update released by Sony was just last week, and here’s what it does.

Source:  ResetEra via VG247

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