PSA – Some PlayStation 3 Users Unable to Boot Up Console After Latest Update [Updated]

As a word of caution, a number of PlayStation 3 users are reporting some serious issues after downloading the latest 4.45 firmware update.

According to posters on the official PlayStation 3 support forum, some users are unable to boot up their PlayStation 3 after downloading the update. Others experiencing the same issue have tried restoring file systems, but to avail. So far, it is said to be affecting most users with upgraded hard drives.

According to PlayStation’s official Twitter account, the latest update improved trophy notification options and system stability. Not for all folks, it looks like.

While we wait for official word from Sony, we recommend skipping the update, for now. We’ll make sure to update when we learn more.

Update 3

PlayStation Europe has announced that “A new system software update is planned to be released on June 27 that resolves the issue.”

Update 2

According to reddit user LolBurn, following these steps will alleviate a “bricked” PS3 that was affected by the update.

“you can fix it yourself. to do this, boot into safe mode and re-update the firmware. to access safe mode (i didn’t know it existed until this): power off the ps3, then hold down the power on key until the system has powered up three times. do not release the power key until the third power up. the 1st power up is normal mode (which is broken), the 2nd is video reset mode (which won’t help) but the 3rd will bypass the broken firmware and let you re-update. sony gets bad marks for releasing an incompletely tested firmware update, but kudos for having the safe mode which saves you having to send it in and them from being sued.”

Update 1

For the time being, Sony has taken the system software update (version 4.45) offline as they have found it “caused the XMB to not display on a small number of PS3 systems.” They will announce when it is rereleased.

Thanks, Joystiq and BattleChatterOnline

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