PSN Down in Some Areas of the US, Canada and UK (Update)

PSN Down


Seems to be fixed! Carry on, PlayStation gamers!

Original Story:

It seems Sony’s PlayStation Network is once again experiencing a hiccup as some users have reported that PSN down time is happening to them. Over on NeoGAF, a new thread has cropped up about PSN being down. 

Multiple users on Reddit are also saying the same, and have reported that PSN is down in the US, UK and in Canada. Checking the official PlayStation Network status page, it says “all services are up and running,” which isn’t a surprise, given how it’s usually not up to date when it comes to PSN outages. The official AskPlaySation Twitter account has not posted an update.

It’s not known whether this is an isolated incident regarding internet service providers, or only happening in specific regions, etc. If PSN is down for you, please let us know where you are in the comments below.

We’ll post an update once everything’s back to 100 percent again. 

In the meantime, go check out this week’s PS Store sales for US and EU to know what you can buy once the service is back up.

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