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PSN Down for Unannounced Maintenance (Update #2) News 1

News 1 If you can’t connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN) now, it’s not you, but Sony! Multiple PSN down reports are surfacing stating that the network is undergoing unannounced maintenance. Note that this won’t let you play online, but it seems some are still able to access their friends list and so on. Is PSN down […]

PSN Down August 26 Reports Flooding In, Players Not Being Able to Access Library News 0

News 0 It seems PSN down August 26 reports are flooding the official PS4 subreddit currently. While some have attributed this to the latest firmware update rolled out today (version 7.55), some players have reported that even after downloading and installing the update, their system still can’t access the PlayStation Network. PSN Down August 26 reports and […]

PSN Down for People Worldwide With Different Problems Surfacing (Update) News 0

News 0 It seems PSN down issues are affecting people worldwide and with different issues depending on the region and whatnot. Multiple people have reported that the PlayStation Network (PSN) is down on the PS4 subreddit. On the official PSN Network Status site, it mentions that some services are experiencing issues currently. What’s odd here is the […]

PSN Down for Unplanned Maintenance – August 26, 2019 (Update) News 0

News 0 Update #3: Sony has deemed the PSN down issue fixed! PSN Status page says that all services are up and running. Update #2:  Some users on Reddit have reported that restarting their PS4 console allowed them to connect online! Not saying that will work 100 percent, but it’s worth a shot. Update #1: Sony has […]

PSN Down, Online Play Affected According to Users (Update #2) News 1

News 1 Update (3:30 a.m. EDT): According to the PSN status page, “all services are up and running.” Game on, people! If PSN is still down for you, let us know where you’re located in the comments. Original Story: Following the Xbox Live issues that plagued gamers yesterday, it seems PS4 gamers are now getting hit with […]

PSN Down Worldwide Currently, Sony Aware of Issues (Update) News 1

News 1 Update: Sony’s official PSN status page now says that “All services are up and running.” Try to see if that’s true and comment down below. Original Story: While Sony might not have been at this year’s E3, it seems the company is still making the news during E3 week but not for the right reasons. […]

PSN Down and Services Are Experiencing Issues (Update) News 0

News 0 Update #2: All services are back up and running according to the status page! Game on, people! Update #1: The AskPlayStation Twitter account has acknowledged the downtime! We're aware that some users are experiencing issues logging into PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate: — Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) December 3, 2018 Original Story: […]

PSN Down for Some Users, Sony Says Some Services Are Experiencing Issues News 0

News 0 If you can’t connect to any online game at the moment, it’s fine. It’s not your connection, but rather, PSN down time is here (sadly) once again. This was reported on by multiple people over at Reddit, though some people can log on just fine (depends on where you’re located). On Twitter, the official Ask […]

PSN Down for Many Players, Affecting Users Worldwide (Update 3) News 0

News 0 Update 3: PSN should now be working as normal. PSN has been restored. You should be able to access online feaures without any problems now. Sorry for the inconvenience! — Ask PlayStation UK (@AskPS_UK) January 26, 2018 Update 2: Sony has confirmed that there are issues affecting all aspects of the PlayStation Network. We’re aware […]

PSN Down in Some Areas of the US, Canada and UK (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: Seems to be fixed! Carry on, PlayStation gamers! Original Story: It seems Sony’s PlayStation Network is once again experiencing a hiccup as some users have reported that PSN down time is happening to them. Over on NeoGAF, a new thread has cropped up about PSN being down.  Multiple users on Reddit are also saying […]

PlayStation Network Is Experiencing Issues Across the Board (Update) News 1

News 1 Update: It looks like things are back to normal! Sony has posted: “All services are up and running.” Original story: This Sunday isn’t a fun day for PlayStation players hoping to spend their day gaming online. Sony has acknowledged that “some services are experiencing issues,” confirming that Account Management, Gaming And Social, PlayStation Now, PlayStation […]