PSN Down for Unplanned Maintenance – August 26, 2019 (Update)

PSN Down july 19

Update #3:

Sony has deemed the PSN down issue fixed! PSN Status page says that all services are up and running.

Update #2: 

Some users on Reddit have reported that restarting their PS4 console allowed them to connect online! Not saying that will work 100 percent, but it’s worth a shot.

Update #1:

Sony has acknowledged that it’s now having issues, as the PSN status page now says “some services are experiencing issues.”

While the PlayStation Network last went down just a few weeks ago, it seems another PSN down scenario is happening now as multiple people have reported that the network is not letting them  connect online.

Booting PS4, it automatically states that PSN is undergoing “maintenance,” which isn’t planned, nor announced. Checking the Ask PlayStation support account on Twitter, it hasn’t acknowledged the issue just yet. Also, on the official PSN status site, it mentions “All services are up and running.”

Unfortunately, I can report first hand now that PSN is indeed down. Over on Reddit, multiple people have reported the same thing in the last few minutes.


Is anyone else’s PlayStation Network down? from PS4

A lot of people have chimed in that PSN is down for them, too. For now, we don’t know if it’s affecting everyone worldwide, but we’ll be sure to update the post once we know more, or if the issue is resolved.

Is PSN down for you? If so, leave a comment below and tell us where you’re connecting from.

In other PlayStation news, go check out this early dev kit image of the PS5, which a developer confirmed as legit.

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