PSN Down Reports Surface Online for February 10 (Updated)

PSN Down july 19

Having some issues with the PlayStation Network? It looks like Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) is having issues, as PSN down for February 10 reports are popping up online with players unable to play online or download anything on the network

Update: It would appear that the PSN is beginning to come back up as reports have gone down, and Sony has updated their status page with services now fully restored. If you are still having issues, please wait a bit as it may still be recovering.

Is PSN Down

Looking over on the official PlayStation Network Status page, Sony has updated it to reflect alkl the affected services, with video being the only one at this time “working.”

While we ourselves are able to sign in just fine, we did notice that we weren’t able to download anything off the network, with a few of our game updates erroring out for due to network related issues. Currently, the Ask PlayStation account, which gives technical updates or server statuts reports, have not acknowledged the PSN down situation.

Over on the official PS4 subreddit, multiple threads have already racked up loads of comments with people from all over the world citing they are having sign-in issues and whatnot, with some having their games locked out even!

Getting a ps4 maintenance message. Locked all my games from PS4


As of 7:45 PM Central time, there has been over 30K reports on the popular outage detector site, downdetector.

PSN Down Feb 10 2021

We’re keeping an eye out and wull update the post if things change later. In the meantime, if PSN is working for you (or if it’s still down), leave a comment below to let us know where you are in the world. You might want to check out this week’s PSN Store sale that’s live now to see if anything tickles your fancy.

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1 year ago

PSN is always going down thats why I refuse to pay for PSN cards when you can get PSN card codes for free

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