PSN Down August 26 Reports Flooding In, Players Not Being Able to Access Library

PSN Down july 19

It seems PSN down August 26 reports are flooding the official PS4 subreddit currently. While some have attributed this to the latest firmware update rolled out today (version 7.55), some players have reported that even after downloading and installing the update, their system still can’t access the PlayStation Network.

PSN Down August 26 reports and game library being inaccessible:

Check out the multiple threads flooding the subreddit:

Is PSN down? from PS4

Ps4 servers from PS4

Are servers under maintenance? from PS4


In addition to that, some have reported that they’re having issues accessing their game library too! Not sure about other gamers, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a network downtime affecting a system’s library.

Can’t access any of my games. Trying to restore licenses results in error. from PS4

Is anyone else’s ps4 digital games locked and keeps getting errors? from PS4

Who else is gonna wait till morning to un-pause the 7.55 update??? from PS4

Is PSN down? from PS4

There are loads more reports coming in, and it looks like the PSN down reports depends on which area of the globe you’re in, as some from the UK and Asia have reported that it’s working for them. Currently, there’s no fix for the library issue, and the official AskPlayStation Twitter hasn’t touched on anything. But we’ve contacted Sony to ask what’s going down, and will update the post if we get a response back.

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