PSN Down for Unannounced Maintenance (Update #2)

PSN Down december 15

If you can’t connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN) now, it’s not you, but Sony! Multiple PSN down reports are surfacing stating that the network is undergoing unannounced maintenance.

Update (7/22/21): If you’re being routed here by Google, yes, the PlayStation Network is down today, July 22! Here’s the status reports and updates!

Update (2/10/21): If you’re being routed here by Google, it’s because PSN is indeed down now for Feb. 10, 2021! Check out this post for updates on what’s happening.

Note that this won’t let you play online, but it seems some are still able to access their friends list and so on.

Is PSN down for maintenence for anyone arose right now? from PS4

Playstation Network is currently undergoing maintenance? from PS4

Checking the official PSN status site, it mentions that services are experiencing issues. This applies to gaming and social, account management, PlayStation Store and more.

Unfortunately, the official Ask PlayStation Twitter account has now acknowledged any PSN down reports of any kind, so Sony itself might not be aware that their network is having technical issues.

If PSN is working (or not working) for you, let us know where you are in the world down in the comments. We’ll update the post as we know more.

Update: Multiple people are reporting that PSN is back up!

Update #2: It seems some people are still experiencing issues! The official Ask PlayStation account still has not given any updates. We’ll continue monitoring the situation.

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