PlayStation Hacked: OurMine Group Claims to Have Access to “PlayStation Network Database”

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The official PlayStation Twitter accounts have just finishing cleaning up a bunch of tweets posted by hacker group “OurMine”. The tweets, which have been archived by Destructoid, show the hackers posting as both @PlayStation and @PlayStation_BR (PlayStation Brasil).

The tweets ask for a PlayStation representative to contact the group, and to also “Subscribe to #DramaAlert”.

The line “PlayStation, contact us we got PlayStation Network database leaked!” makes me a little concerned, since gamers have a lot of personal data stored on the PlayStation servers. If the hacker’s claims are true, then here’s hoping Sony cracks down on this quickly.

OurMine has successfully hacked HBO, TechCrunch, and BuzzFeed in the past. More information about what they do, and their aims, are detailed below:

OurMine is an elite hacker group known for many hacks showing vulnerabilities in major systems.


As professional hackers and vulnerability assessors, we will help you secure your network, show you all available vulnerabilities, and fix them all!


We are experienced in many fields of hacking and can crack anything from a network to a social media account.

White Hat

We have no bad intentions and only care about the security and privacy of your accounts and network.

Beneficial for all

Not only will we give you access to all your accounts again, we will give you future security tips and assist you with securing your account to it’s maximum potential.

What do you make of this hack? Worried about your personal data being compromised?

Source: Destructoid

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