PUBG: Battlegrounds New Skin-Creation Crafting System Revealed

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Krafton has just released an official video that breaks down the brand new skin-creation crafting system for PUBG: Battlegrounds and explains exactly how it will work.

The video first goes on to explain that crafting skins will require crafting materials, which can be found in Hunter’s Chests and Archivist’s Chests. Those chests will be available for direct purchase through the store and will also be available for free through various PUBG events.

The Hunter’s Chests and Archivist’s Chests will include imprints, vouchers, and credits. You can then use those imprints to craft skins which will also require credits. Vouchers, on the other hand, will allow players to craft skins without needing any extra credits.

The chests will also include what is known as Artisan Tokens. These valuable Artisan Tokens will be required for what is known as Special Crafting which will be the only way to craft some special skins in-game.

Vouchers and imprints for skins that the player already owns can also be disassembled and repurposed as materials for other skins the players might desire.

The new Workshop system for skin-crafting in PUBG: Battlegrounds is now available on PC via Steam and is available on consoles as well, following the patch deployment earlier today for the 18.2 title update.

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