PUBG Mobile Game Gets New Trailer, Hints at December 1 Reveal

It looks like that China-exclusive PUBG mobile game, which we recently reported was in development, may be releasing sooner than we anticipated.

The game’s website has been updated to show a new trailer and a December 1 date. This is likely an announcement of some kind, rather than a launch date, but who knows?

Take a look at the new PUBG mobile game trailer embedded below:

As stated before, the PUBG mobile game is being described as a “full fledged mobile port” which will allow “players jumping over to mobile … to take advantage of their play on PC and maintain a consistent experience.”

Obviously, we won’t really know how fantastic an experience the mobile port is until it’s out in the wild. I think the majority of us are curious to see how a game that struggles to run smoothly on a high-end PC, performs on a phone.

In other PUBG news, the Xbox One version’s install size has been revealed and the developer has described it as “pretty much the same experience as PC,” a mobile game is in development for Chinese audiences, and the latest Test Server update targets kill cams.

Source: PUBGM

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