PUBG Player Count Reaches New Heights, 1.8 Million Concurrent Players Online

Oh look, it’s another PUBG player count post! Yeah, I’ll admit, I’m getting a little sick of writing them, but news is news!

So what number has Bluehole’s unstoppable early access game hit this time? Why, it’s 1.8 million. That is, 1.8 million concurrent players. That is a ridiculous number of players, all online at the same time, playing a paid-for early access game!

I’ve been playing more Fortnite Battle Royale than I have this title, but even the competition from Epic Games isn’t enough to stop PUBG reaching new milestones.

In other PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds news, Bluehole is in “talks” with Sony regarding a PS4 version, a creative chap has managed to get PUBG running on a Game Boy, and Bluehole is now valued at $4 billion

If you’re still waiting for a PUBG console release, check out our list of the top 5 PUBG console alternatives.

Will you be playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this weekend?

Source: Steam Charts

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