PUBG Update 1.48 August 13 Patch Deployed for Item Drop Fixes & More

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While Season 8 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was just released on consoles two weeks ago, PUBG Corp. has released a new the PUBG update 1.48 August 13 patch for consoles today, and it’s primarily for fixes.

PUBG Update 1.48 August 13 patch notes:

Here’s what got fixed according to the devs:

[Console] A hotfix has been applied to live servers to resolve several issues, including items dropping randomly from backpacks.

We’ve also changed the frequency of Sanhok being selected during public matchmaking back to being equal with other maps.

Some might have assumed that this was the big 8.2 title update. Sadly, it’s not and that one is still set for release on consoles this August 19. You can read the patch notes of that upcoming update here.

If you spot any changes not include in the patch notes above, let us know down in the comments. Once we’ve proven them to be legit, we’ll update the post and credit the tip sender.

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