PUBG Xbox One X to Run at 30fps, Greene Clarifies

Well, this is a bit awkward… Despite PUBG creative director Brendan Greene confirming in an interview with GamesTM that the game would “definitely” run at 60fps on Xbox One X, we’ve now learned that it actually won’t be running at that smooth frame-rate.

Responding to the sudden buzz about PUBG Xbox One X performance, Greene tweeted the following in an attempt to clear things up:

Well, that’s disappointing! Greene sounded super confident when speaking to GamesTM, and I’m thinking this has more to do with enforced parity for competitiveness sake, than a lack of Xbox One X horsepower.

It should be noted that, as the game is featured in Xbox Game Preview, lots of big changes could occur. We may see a bump up in frame-rate sometime down the road, but for launch on December 12, all Xbox One players will be experiencing the same 30fps output.

Are you disappointed by this? Or is it fine? Let us know.

In other PUBG news, the Xbox One version’s install size has been revealed and the developer has described it as “pretty much the same experience as PC,” a mobile game is in development for Chinese audiences, and the latest Test Server update targets kill cams.

Source: @PlayerUnknown (Twitter)

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