Rainbow 6 Siege August 10 Update to v1.90 Brings Invisibility Fix

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Just last week, we reported that Rainbow 6 Siege players were being victims of an invisibility glitch that’s trigged in the new MUTE Protocol event. Thankfully, that’s about to change now. Ubisoft has released the Rainbow 6 Siege August 10 update that fixes this! Console gamers will see this as update 1.90.

Rainbow 6 Siege August 10 Update patch notes:

Here’s the message from the offiicial Rainbow Six Twitter account:

The M.U.T.E Protocol hotfix.đź› 

Today, 10th August.

-To prevent the invisibility exploit.
-Fixed victory screen animation.

PC: 9:00 EDT / 13:00 UTC
XB1: 10:00 EDT / 14:00 UTC
PS4: 11:00 EDT / 15:00 UTC
Downtime: 20 mins

More info about the event re-activation to come soon

It seems based on the message, we’ll get another MUTE Procotol event again. Hopefully, there won’t be any issues with that one when it’s released.

For those unaware, the MUTE Protocol event was initiated last week, and here’s what it’s about:

Rainbow Six Siege MUTE Protocol Secure Area:

In this futuristic sci-fi inspired 5-vs.-5 mode, attackers are flying in and trying to shutdown M.U.T.E Protocol by any means necessary, while defenders hold up in Comm Tower, defending it at all cost. 41 Operators will be available to play, with a few exceptions for gameplay reasons: Twitch, Thatcher, Mozzie, Mute, Maestro, Valkyrie, Dokkaebi, Echo, Goyo, Clash, Montagne, Blitz and Caveira won’t be available.

Even for players who are used to playing Secure Area, M.U.T.E. Protocol’s new game mode is unique, as it is based on a brand-new feature: Morphing. On the attacking side, players will have to secure two areas, and will be able to switch between Operator and Drone forms by entering and exiting Observation Tools. On the

Once we get wind of the new event details, we’ll let our readers know.