Rainbow Six Siege “Outbreak” Will Have Players Battling Against Aliens

Rainbow Six Siege Aliens and What? Yep, it’s really happening with “Outbreak!”

Ubisoft has announced the details of Rainbow Six Siege‘s first season of year 3, where players will battle it out against a new alien menace in a four-week co-op event, and enjoy some fresh operators.

Dubbed “Outbreak,” players are tasked with going into a quarantine zone to kill an extraterrestrial parasite that has taken over a town in New Mexico called Apex. Players have a choice of two difficulties: Normal and Pandemic. While normal sounds, well, normal, pandemic cranks the pressure up high, introducing friendly fire and increasingly difficult enemies. Outbreak will also incorporate a fortification system, similar to game’s main game modes, and players are encouraged to use it as their alien foes attempt to kill them.


Ubisoft also says that Outbreak will feature three exclusive maps which are designed differently than the competitive maps by featuring a large, open style, and will even have stages of the maps open up to players as they progress through the rounds.

A roster update for operators is also incoming, with two new operators from France and Russia called Lion and Finka who are biohazard specialists. This is part of the release of Operation Chimera which will release on March 6 of this year. Ubisoft hasn’t detailed everything yet and will dive deeper into both Chimera and Outbreak during the Six Invitational Finals on February 18 and 19.

Source: Ubisoft

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