Rainbow Six Siege April Fool’s Challenge Has Players Confused, Consulate Map Pulled

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If you’re wondering if there’s going to be any pranks or whatnot for April Fool’s in Rainbow Six Siege this year, well, you’re going to have to figure that out yourself. Ubisoft has announced the Rainbow Six Siege April Fool’s challenge that will net the player a new gun charm! Take a look at what it looks like below.

Unfortunately, though, the vagueness of this challenge has left some players confused, with some stating that players are getting the gun charm at random being the actual joke. Different players have chimed in on how they got the gun charm and so far, there’s no fixed thing that guarantees that you’ll get it.

Some have speculated that the reward is tied to playing in a three-man squad, but there’s no definitive proof of that.

Now, in other gameplay-related issues, those playing the game, you might have noticed the lights go out on the Consulate map. It’s an unintended bug, and Ubisoft has mentioned that a hotfix is coming this week to fix it. In the meantime, they have pulled Consulate on all platforms.

[Mar 27.20] Consulate Map Deactivated from Rainbow6

An update to the Consulate map was released with the Y5S1.1 patch which introduced a lighting issue that caused the map to be much darker than intended. We are working towards releasing a PC hotfix early next week, and Console will have the fix in the Y5S1.2 patch. Until we can release the fix, we have deactivated Consulate for all platforms to mitigate the impact for players.

Once the patch is out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know. If you’re 100 percent certain on how to get the gun charm for April Fool’s, share it below or email us, and we’ll update the post crediting the finder.

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