Rainbow Six Siege “Black Ice” DLC Now Live, Spectator Cam On All Platforms – Patch Notes

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Rainbow Six Siege‘s first major content update is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, marking the start of Season One: Black Ice.

Along with a ton of general gameplay improvements, the free update adds new operators to play as, a new map to play on, new weapons skins to apply, and a few new features as well. Here are the details:


Two new Operators from the Canadian JTF-2 counter-terrorist unit, Frost and Buck, will be available immediately to owner of Siege’s Season Pass. Next week, players will be able to unlock either Operator with Renown or R6 Credits.

ZScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.42.30 PM


The new map, Yacht, takes place on a luxurious yacht that has crashed into an iceberg in the Baffin Bay. It’s free to all players and is available immediately. Ubisoft released a new gameplay trailer earlier today, which you can check out below:


Three new weapon skins, Dwyer Hill, JTF-2, and USA Winter, are now also available for Renown or R6 Credits. Additionally, the Black Ice skin is exclusively for sale with R6 Credits for the duration of Season One. It can be applied to all weapons in the game.



Rainbow Six Siege’s Spectator Camera is now available online on all platforms while keyboard and mouse controls have been integrated for PC.

Rainbow Six Siege



Operator shouts are now muted for enemy team

  • From now on, the enemy team will not be hearing your team’s automatic character shouts. This will allow for stealthier approaches while maintaining non-verbal communication within the respective teams.

Defender objective rotation (for Ranked and Custom Games)

  • In Ranked and Custom Games, Defenders can vote for the objective location they want to defend. We noticed that certain maps have objective locations that are considered easier to defend than others, and that those are frequently being chosen. We believe that it will make for a more competitive and interesting experience to force variety upon the Defenders. From now on, when on the defending side, if a team wins an objective location, they won’t be able to pick it again until they’ve won the remaining locations. If the match goes into overtime, all objective locations become available again.

Reduced bullet trail intensity, especially for suppressed weapons

  • Reduced the visibility of bullet trails for all weapons, with an additional reduction for suppressed weapons for a stealthier approach. We believe this tweak will make silenced weapons more useful, as the damage reduction trade-off will now be more worthwhile, on top off the sound reduction.

Increased the flashbang range of effect

  • We are roughly doubling the range of flashbangs, making them more effective.

Reduced noise levels of multiple Defender gadgets

  • Reduced the noise levels of Mute’s jammers. It will now be considerably lower for Defenders and we reduced the verticality of its sound (will not be heard from two floors up or down anymore).
  • Reduced the electricity noise levels on electrified gadgets.
  • Reduced the noises levels of the Kapkan trap.

Reinforced walls and Castle barricades now block bullets while being deployed

  • It used to be possible to get shot while deploying reinforced walls and Castle barricades, even if they seemed to be covering the players. From now on, there will be collision on those surfaces even during deployment and therefore the bullets will be stopped.

Thatcher now has a shotgun available in his loadout options

  • We added the English shotgun M590A1 to Thatcher’s loadout options.

Removed Bandit’s unique gadget’s (CED-1) electricity damage on the hostage

  • Removed electricity damage on the hostage. This will avoid some edge cases where it wasn’t clear who was responsible for the hostage’s death.

Player Comfort

Added map and mode name display during loading and planning phase screens

Reduced screen dust effect

  • When surfaces break or explosions occur, nearby players get a dust effect on the border of their screen. We reduced it to be less intense and occluding.

Altered matchmaking timer display

  • Timer now counts up to estimated time.

Fixed weapon damage numbers in menus

  • We have changed the damage numbers in the menus according to the light armor values.

Playlist Changes

Individual spawn location selection for Attackers (Ranked, Custom Games setting)

  • In Ranked (and as a Custom Game setting), each Attacker can now select their own spawning location instead of having to vote as a group. This will give more tactical flexibility on approaching the building and will also greatly reduce the amount of instances in which Attackers get picked off as a group by the Defenders right as the Action phase begins (team spawn killing).

Ranked population repartition tweak

  • Our data tracking shows that the upper ranks (Gold, Platinum, Diamond) are less populated than expected. Therefore, we have reworked how our players are distributed through ranks. This means that many players will see their ranks change instantly after the February 2nd update.

Here’s how it was before this update:

  • 1.17% Copper (1-4)
  • 34.6% Bronze (1-4)
  • 58.8% Silver (1-4)
  • 5.27% Gold (1-4)
  • 0.1% Platinum (1-3)
  • Less than 0.001% Diamond
  • *Note: Players in Platinum were often matched against Silver players, almost always against Golds and rarely against other Platinums, which gives the impression that matchmaking is unbalanced.

Here’s the repartition we are aiming for with this update:

  • 15% Copper (1-4)
  • 25% Bronze (1-4)
  • 35% Silver (1-4)
  • 20% Gold (1-4)
  • 5% Platinum (1-3)
  • 0.2% Diamond
  • We will be closely monitoring how the rank repartition evolves over time and will be doing additional tweaks if needed. To learn more about the Ranked System, read this forum post.

Ranked fluctuation parameters tweak

  • From now on, players ranked Silver 3 and below will have a higher fluctuation rate compared to the ranks above that threshold. For example, Bronze 3 could contain players that have skill ratings between 15 and 16.5 while Gold 3 would have a larger spectrum, between 32.5 and 35. The intention behind this is that players from the lower ranks can climb out of them faster. This will make it more fun for newer or less experienced players, while the constant, highly skilled players will be able to maintain their rank.

Other Improvements

Web feature: Tactical Board improvements

  • Auto-save.
    • The Tactical Board will now automatically save tactics in progress every 30 seconds. This will prevent you from losing your work if any disconnection or bug occurs while working on a tactic. It will also allow you to leave the Tactical Board without having to hit the Save button. Just make sure you noticed the “Autosaved” text popping on the top of the Tactical Board, to the right of the tactic name.
  • Maintenance alerts.
    • The Tactical Board will alert you of upcoming maintenances 15 minutes prior to downtime. Fixing the Tactical Board bugs requires us to switch off the servers for some minutes. When a maintenance is upcoming, you’ll see a warning on the bottom of the board. As we also have the autosaves ongoing, there will be less risks to lose your work, which will occur only if you edit the tactic 30 seconds or less before the maintenance starts.
  • Texts are now easier to select and edit.
  • Bug fixes.
    • Fixed an issue preventing users to validate the removal of the tactician.
    • Fixing an issue making undo/redo actions sometimes unresponsive until a change of tool was made.
    • Inviting someone in the tactic will now correctly update the Attendees panel (top right).
    • Fixing an issue preventing to dismiss a share notification from their dashboard when clicking “See it later”.

There are also a number of additional bug fixes that you can check out on the official Black Ice Update page right here.