Rainbow Six Siege Community in an Uproar Over Ubisoft Visual Changes to the Game

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While the majority of video games are marketed to the audiences in the west, the market in Asia is big (and Asia isn’t only Japan), and it even reaches massive status when you factor in China. Ubisoft has announced a list of changes it’s making to Rainbow Six Siege’s aesthetics since it plans to expand to Asian territories.

There will be changes made to the maps, icons, though nothing that will affect gameplay. Some of the visual changes include the icons:

Ubisoft is also taking out the slot machines, skull designs and more. You can check out a big sampe of the changes right here.

While the changes might be just visual in nature, that hasn’t stopped the Rainbow Six Siege community on Reddit to go up in arms! As of the time of writing this, the entire front page of the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit has been littered with thread titles that stem from “I assume the sharp edges are too violent to post here?” to more serious ones like “I’m Chinese. Giving in to the demands of one country that has its mentality backwards will only set your progress 10 steps back , but also make you, Ubisoft look spineless.”

Here’s a screenshot of the subreddit as of today:

That’s more than 20 threads started that all have gripes with Ubisoft’s decision, which is insane if you think about it.

Will the players actually stay true to their word and not play Rainbow Six Siege due to the changes or are these empty threats? I can’t say for sure. While I understand Ubisoft’s decision in wanting to make the visual changes to appease to a larger fan base, I do hope the publisher and community finds a good middle ground so the focus can get back to what it needs to be — which is the actual game.

Are you OK with the changes Ubisoft wants to make? Is the community overreacting or is the outrage warranted? Share your thoughts in the comments below.