Rainbow Six Siege Ela Operator Nerf Incoming

With Rainbow Six Siege adding more and more Operators in the game, there’s bound to be someone in the lot that’ll screw up the game balance one way or the other. Well, it seems we have exactly that with submachine gun-toting, Ela.

Ela, it seems, is such a hard pick for pro matches that pro players are actually complaining about it. Over on Twitter, professional gamer Fabian Hallsten of Penta eSsports, posted a tweet bemoaning how the “entire eSports related community” all agree that Ela is “broken OP” (overpowered), even without her gadget.

In case you can’t read the tweet, it reads:

I get sad when the entire esports related community to siege all agree that Ela is broken OP, even without her gadget she would get picked just because of her gun… Are we going to see a change? No. Why? Have they ever listened to the esports community?

Fabian’s tweet was seen and replied to by none other than Craig Robinson, Community Manager for Rainbow Six Siege, who confirmed a Rainbow Six Siege Ela nerf is indeed coming in the next patch. Over on the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit, people have chimed in on Ela’s overpoweredness, and attribute it to her SMG, which fires fast, has good damage, and a lot of bullets.

There’s no word on when this game update will be available, but given how pro players are bitching about it, expect it sooner rather than later.

Source: PCGamesN

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