Rainbow Six Siege Sam Fisher Ability and Gameplay Revealed, Watch the Operation Shadow Legacy Video Overview Now

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Earlier this past week, Ubisoft surprised Rainbow Six Siege players with the announcement that veteran spy Sam Fisher is joining the roster in Operation Shadow Legacy. Those interested to see what Sam can do, a new eight-minute look at the Rainbow Six Siege Sam Fisher ability and gameplay video is here!

Sam Fisher comes to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Shadow Legacy. Armed with a powerful new intel-gathering gadget, a deadly new assault rifle, Fisher steps into his new callsign – Zero – with all the swagger you’d expect from an icon. But Shadow Legacy has a whole host of gameplay modifications that will change the way you play Siege. Ping 2.0, new and updated optics, a hard-breaching secondary gadget, pooled reinforcements, and map ban, plus the match replay alpha phase on the Test Server, are just some of the updates that, along with a rework of the scenic Chalet map, will ensure this season has a lasting legacy.

As you can see, Fisher is armed to the teeth with some of his toys from the Splinter Cell franchise. He has the Argus Launcher that can burrow itself into walls for some much-needed intel on specific areas of the map. We also get to see the ping 2.0 system in play here, as well as some of the other features hitting Rainbow Six Siege players soon.

No firm release date on when we’ll see Operation Shadow Legacy will drop, but same as before, it’ll be free for  everyone, though those with the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 pass will be able to unlock and play as Fisher ASAP, while regular players will need to wait seven days to be able to purchase the new Operator for Renown Points