Rainbow Six Siege Upcoming Update Patch Notes for Consoles Detailed, Out Next Week

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For PC gamers, the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 1 update is already live. However, for console gamers (PS4, Xbox One), the Rainbow Six Siege upcoming update will be deployed this June 27, and thankfully, we know what’s in it!

Ubisoft has outlined what players can expect in this Rainbow Six Siege upcoming update, which you can read below.

Rainbow Six Siege upcoming update:

Exploits Update

We have been testing a solution to some of the exploits that should address the IQ glitch. With this update in place we have not been able to reproduce this exploit internally. As such, we are pushing a patch today on PC only.

We are planning to deploy this same patch on consoles as soon as possible, the earliest deployment window available to us is Thursday, June 27th. Until then, IQ will be removed from the operator selection screen for consoles.

If you are able to reproduce this exploit following the patch deployment, please let us know through the R6Fix portal. If that is the case, we will remove IQ from the operator selection screen on PC as well. We will continue to work on addressing the exploits for Clash and Deployable Shields and share updates as we progress.

Player Comfort

Controller Rotation Curve

We are providing an additional option for controller rotation curves. This new version of the curve focuses on the early part when shooting and then offering a steady variation until the full movement. Our goal is to deliver a more consistent curve as players move their joystick further from neutral.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed – The mouse cursor remains on the screen resulting in loss of control over the camera.
  • Fixed – There is no sound when a user crouch/prone while spamming forward with a specific timing.
  • Fixed – Users can dropshot without losing ADS.
  • Fixed – Performing a sweep just before climbing a ledge in rappel will cause instant orientation change.
  • Fixed – It is possible to remove the recoil of any gun by following some steps.
  • Fixed – Claymores don’t kill defenders if they prone and go through the laser with their feet.



  • Fixed – Transition to ADS during Idle or Run is slower during the HEL activation animation with 5.7 USG and D-50.


  • Fixed – IQ loses most of her functionalities if deploying her primary gadget before ending the rappel animation.

Level Design


  • Fixed – There’s space between the Ext Terrace ground and the Pillar Room door frame.
  • Fixed – Sounds can be heard coming through a shuttered window on the left side of the North wall.


  • Fixed – There is a new way to get on the purple tarp.
  • Fixed – Players can spawn peek the Docks.
  • Fixed – Players can Parkour up the APC and peek from unexpected angles in 2F Penthouse.


  • Fixed – Haze effect is too intense after destroying walls surrounding the room, hindering player’s vision
  • Fixed – Players are able to spawn peek on the window sill with the help of Tachanka’s turret.
  • Fixed – The explosion fog is too thick near the car in B Garage.


  • Fixed – Player can see through a display of 2F taiko from underneath.

User Experience

  • Fixed – Achievement list is not updated on Uplay PC.
  • Fixed – MMR shown on previous seasons shows wrong values.
  • Fixed – Player Hub brightness increases when switching from operator loadout after equipping an uniform.
  • Fixed – Killing interrogated players increments the counter/Activates RFF.
  • Fixed – Players under RFF take reverse damage when shooting Maestro’s Evil Eye or Twitch’s Shock Drone while they’re under player control.
  • Fixed – Inviting players to Squad after hosting and leaving an online dedicated lobby will cause the invited to join the original lobby.
  • Fixed – Error message is received if a user accepts a squad invitation after leaving a Custom Online lobby.

Once the patch is out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know. In case you’re curious, the last Rainbow Six Siege patch was released two weeks ago (version 1.67) which you can read about here.