Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.80 Sneaks Out

rainbow six siege update 1.80

Following today’s Rainbow Six Siege server maintenance, Ubisoft has released Rainbow Six Siege update 1.80 without any fanfare, which means, there’s no new content included, and it’s mostly for bug fixes. Clocking in at just 850MB on PS4, Ubisoft has not released any official patch notes, but we have the next best thing, which is the in-game update history.

Rainbow Six Siege update 1.80 patch notes:

  • Level design fix
  • Animation fix
  • UI fix
  • Gameplay fix
  • Localization fix

That’s basically it. We’re trying to dig deeper as to what’s in this patch, and once we know more, we’ll update the post. Of course, there’s also the possibility that this update was pushed out ASAP given we had a server outage this past weekend for the game.

For the full list of gameplay changes made in the last big patch (Year 4 Season 4.2), check ’em out here. We’ll also be posting the list of upcoming gameplay changes being tested by Ubisoft currently in the PTS (Private Test Servers) on PC, and it has loads of weapon tuning changes.

If you spot any gameplay changes, let us know what they are in the comments or via email and we’ll update the post and credit the tip sender.

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