Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.03 February 4 Deploys R6 Siege Patch 4.3.1 Changes

Rainbow Six Siege update 2.22

Heads up, Siege players! Ubisoft has triggered maintenance for Rainbow Six Siege (R6 Siege) maintenance today, and along with it, a number of gameplay fixes. The Rainbow Six Siege update 2.03 February 4 patch is live now, and is also called the R6 Siege update 4.3.1 (Year 5 Season 4.3.1) patch.

Maintenance is planned for just 30 minutes, and we have the list of fixes in this patch below.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.03 February 4 Patch Notes: (R6 Siege Patch 4.3.1)

Here are the official list of fixes per Ubisoft:

Update: Match Cancellation timer to 60s (from 120s)
Fixed: Reappearing Match Cancellation vote buttons
Fixed: TK prompt not appearing when Match Cancellation prompt active


Due to an unexpected load on the servers from these features and in an effort to increase effectiveness for players in need, Speech to Text and Text to Speech will be limited to English-speaking users in the United States.

Please note, that in order to resume the use of Voice Chat, players who currently have Speech to Text enabled will need to ensure that the Convert Voice to Text setting is toggled off.

Our team is currently looking into further accessibility options to implement in the future, with the goal to extend support to even more players around the world

That’s about it for this title update. Same as always, if we spot any gameplay-related changes and whatnot, we’ll be sure to update the post. If you haven’t logged into Rainbow Six Siege since last year, don’t forget that the big Y5S4.3 patch was released last week which brought a host of gameplay changes.

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