Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge Test Server Patch Notes Released

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Those playing Rainbow Six Siege on PC, Ubisoft Montreal has triggered maintenance for the game, though it’ll last for 20-30 minutes only. Why? Well, it’s to deploy the Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge test server patch! Note that these changes are in no way guaranteed to make it into the final version of the new Operation. Curious? Check out the Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge test server patch notes below.

Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge test server patch notes:

  • FIXED – Sprint SFX can be broken when running close to a wall (related to the duplicate footsteps issue)

  • FIXED – Maverick can destroy hatches instantly using a specific set of actions.

  • FIXED – Iana’s hologram deployment VFX is sometimes visible through walls

  • FIXED – Operator collision issues with indestructible walls.

  • FIXED – Frost welcome mats can get bugged if triggered rapidly in succession by Iana’s holograms/some other gadgets.

  • FIXED – Oryx missing concussion FX after dashing through wine barrels on Villa.

  • FIXED – Cav holds her pistol with only one hand + while ADS with Silent Step active

  • FIXED – Operators receive damage through foosball tables if a nitro cell is placed on the other side of it

  • FIXED – Various prop projectile destruction fixes on maps.

  • FIXED – Some map assets made of multiple parts that do not break all at once, the SFX is out of sync.

  • FIXED – Players can vault on top of a shelf in 1F workshop of Border

  • FIXED – Kitchen counters on Oregon missing bullet decals after being shot

  • FIXED – Indestructible TV in Oregon

  • FIXED – In Training Grounds, selecting “Vote for Retry” and then “Find Another” will result in a retry.

  • FIXED – Missing collision for gadgets with the desk bars at 2F Hallway of Consulate

  • FIXED – Secondary weapon sometimes floats when reinforcing.

  • FIXED – Various cosmetic and Menu/HUB fixes

  • Missing drone sounds for other players in the match Fix coming

  • Operators in main menu can disappear when merging into a lobby Fix coming

  • Barricade/hatch destruction replication issues under latency.

In case you’re curious, Ubisoft has already revealed the Operation Void Edge patch notes here.  Once the patch for the new Operation is out, we’ll be sure to let players know.

Source: Reddit