RDR2 Update 1.26 December 1 Increases Rank & Brings Bounty Hunter Role

RDR2 Update 1.26 December 1

As expected from last week’s announcement, Rockstar Games has released a Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDRR2) patch today! The RDR2 update 1.26 December 1 patch increases the overall rank for players, as well as introduces the Bounty Hunter Role!

RDR2 Update 1.26 December 1 Patch Notes:

Whille Rockstar Games has yet to release the official patch notes, we have details on the new stuff being introduced in today’s update!

Here’s what’s included in the Bounty Hunter expansion via the press release:

The Bounty Hunters Expansion will include new Prestigious level equipment and skills to unlock, as well as new bounty targets including Legendary Bounties, and a new 100 Rank Outlaw Pass. And as a bonus, all Bounty Hunter Missions are awarding double XP in Red Dead Online this week, alongside additional bonuses and discounts, including:

  • Increased RDO$ and XP for all Posse members on Free Roam MissionsBounty Missions, and Free Roam Events
  • Double XP in all A Land of Opportunities missions and Bounty Hunter missions
  • Discounts in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue: 40% off all Outfits including Role Outfits, 30% off all Horses, Repeaters, Pistols, the Schofield Revolver, Saddles and Improved Saddles, Coats, and Vests
  • New Prime Gaming Benefits: Players who connect to Prime Gaming before December 21st will receive a Reward for a free Breton Horse and RDO$100
  • Additional Prime Gaming Benefits: A free Katata Coat, 6,000 Naturalist XP, a free Wilderness Camp, and 5 free Legendary Animal Pheromones for players that connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming

Once Rockstar releases the complete patch notes which surely include gameplay-related changes, we’ll update the post.

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