This Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Will Help You 100% the Game, Has Markers for Everything

Red Dead 2 collectibles map

If you have enough time, and a lot of patience, there’s a big chance that you can complete Red Dead Redemption 2 100 percent. However, if you’re one of those normal folks who have work, family, relationships, and the like in your lives, then you’ll need help! Make that a lot of help.

One of the main things that might prevent you from completing every mission, collecting every collectible, is not knowing where they are. Well, that’s until now! It seems someone just set up the most useful Red Dead 2 map! This website allows you to toggle to see ALL the collectibles, events, amenities, even pick ups and more! You can also register and login to the website so that it can mark locations found, track your collectibles nabbed, and add custom locations. There’s also a “pro” feature that will be ad-free, have unlimited progress tracking, and allow the use to share custom locations with their friends.

Want to see it in action? Here’s the map showcasing where the gang hideouts, random events and ? stranger scenarios can be trigger:

Here’s one where it shows the Easter eggs in the game can be checked out (note that the bottom left hand corner in New Austin also has an Easter egg, but the screenshot couldn’t fit everything in one go):

Just to see which areas can net you money fast, here’s the map icon look with the loot and treasure icons marked:

Currently, the map can be toggled to show the following:

  • Collectibles (dinosaur bones, cigarette cards, etc.)
  • Pickups (weapons, loot, etc.)
  • Amenities (Barber, general store, etc.)
  • Events (gang hideout, random events, etc.)
  • Mini-games (blackjack, poker, etc.)
  • Other (Easter egg, landmark, etc.)

Impressive, right? You can check out the full Red Dead 2 collectibles map right here. There’s also an app available for it too.

Let us know if the map somehow missed anything, or if you’re using it and how useful it is for you, in the comments.

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