Red Dead Online Weekly Reset and Monthly Schedule for February 2022

Red Dead Online Weekly Reset

It seems Rockstar has shaken up how it dishes out the weekly reset for Red Dead Online, as we now have a full slate of highlights for the month in one go, as well as what’s new for the week! With this in mind, MP1st is here with the Red Dead Online weekly reset and monthly schedule for February 2022!

Here’s what’s coming per Rockstar’s press release:

Red Dead Online Weekly Reset and Monthly Schedule for February 2022:

Highlights include:

  • Double RDO$ on all Trader Sales and on all Free Roam Missions
  • An extra 50% RDO$ on all Pelts delivered to merchants (Butchers and Gus Macmillan included), plus Pelts turned in to Cripps will also have an increased value
  • Free Items for Traders and Naturalists: All Traders will receive 10 Predator Bait, while Naturalists will net 10 Blending Tonics, just for playing this month
  • Double XP (Character and Role) on the Trade Route Free Roam Event
  • Double RDO$ and XP on both Call to Arms and Plunder
  • A free red Morning Tail Coat for Completing the A Land of Opportunities Mission “Love and Honor”
  • Waived fees on Camp upkeep, setup, and relocations for the whole month
  • Month-long Discounts: 5 Gold Bars off the Sample Kit at Harriet Davenport’s Shop, 75% off the Varmint Rifle, 70% off Legendary Animal Pheromones, 60% off the Flixton Hat, 50% off Brass Spectacles, 40% off all Boots, Trader Role Outfits, Missouri Fox Trotter Horses, the Carcano Rifle, Glenwood Coat, and the Ram Horn Trinket (at Gus’ store)
  • Valentine’s Day (2/14) Discounts: 50% off all Corsettes, Top Hats, Ties, Vests, dresses, and all Barber services
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: Players who connect their Social Club account to Prime Gaming through February 28 will get a Reward for a free pair of select Pants and an Offer for 30% off an Arabian Horse

The latest Featured Series calendar is also now available, detailing the latest timed Bonuses, Rewards, and the different Featured Series for each week until the end of the month:

February 1-7:

  • An Offer for 50% off any Camp Dog for crafting a custom Outfit
  • A free The Hobo Life 1 for Cripps for any player that cooks Cripps’ Special Stew recipe
  • The Hardcore Elimination Series will be the Featured Series all week


We can’t all be fighters all the time. This Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the lovers amongst us, and local salespeople are getting in the spirit of things by offering half off all Corsets, Top Hats, Ties, Dresses, and all Barber services for those looking to spiff things up for a night out on the town.

Naturalists can visit Harriet Davenport and purchase the Sample Kit for 5 Gold Bars off and Legendary Animal Pheromones for 70% off, while legendary trapper Gus Macmillan is offering his Ram Horn Trinket for 40% off. Those just cutting their milk teeth as budding Naturalists can get the Varmint Rifle for 75% off at all Gunsmiths or via the Catalogue, while the Carcano Rifle is going for 40% off. Stylish entrepreneurs can take 40% off Trader Role Outfits this month. All Stables, meanwhile, are offering 40% off Missouri Fox Trotter horse breeds.

Wanderlust is a familiar feeling on the frontier, that’s why all Camp upkeep, setup, and relocation fees are waived this month. Travel, see the world, don’t be afraid to pitch your tent in different locales.

Tailors are also offering discounts on select clothing and accessories this month — see the full list below:

  • 50% off Brass Spectacles
  • 60% off Flixton Hat
  • 40% off Glenwood Coat
  • 40% off all Boots

We’ll be back next week, with the new set of new activities and more.

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