Reload Studios Announces Triple-A Virtual Reality Multiplayer Shooter, World War Toons

After some anticipation of their previously teased announcement at this year’s VRLA Expo, Reload Studios has lifted the curtain off their debut virtual reality project, a “laugh-out-load first-person shooter and tank combat game” called World War Toons.

World War Toons is currently in its Alpha stage and is presently centered around team-based multiplayer deathmatches that make use of power-ups and special abilities. It’s probably not exactly what you were expecting, but Executive Producer Pete Blumel says it was the studios goal “to make something fun and accessible for everyone.”

“We’re excited to be trying things that are still new to the medium,” he added. “From its very inception, the team has strived to take full advantage of the amazing presence and sense of immersion offered by emerging virtual reality hardware.”

According to VRFocus’ preview of the shooter, the control scheme limits strafing movement to the left analog stick, while forward and backward movement is mapped to the face buttons. This, in combination with the player’s ability to pivot their head, look around, and aim makes for a control scheme that “works incredibly well.” Combat is likened to Quake games but with the addition of a ‘jump in’ tank system that gives the player extra fire power, better movement speed, and more health for a limited time.

Official release dates and platforms for World War Toons are still unannounced, though the company announced that a version for 2D monitors is also in the works. You can visit the game’s official website here.

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