Remedy Unannounced Project Spotted on Epic Store Database

A recent update to the Epic Games Store database hints at a possible incoming reveal for the developer of Control, Remedy Entertainment. While the studio hasn’t announced anything so far, this might hint that a reveal/announcement is incoming soon for this Remedy unannounced project., a website that tracks newly added games and other metadata information on the Epic Game Store managed to pick up this unlisted game. And while there isn’t really a whole lot of details behind it, it did highlight the developers as Remedy Entertainment with the title of the game being “BigFish”, which is obviously a placeholder of some sort.

The title was originally uploaded on the Epic Store database on May 11, though updates were made to it just yesterday, along with a new build of it, suggesting some internal testing is being done. Seeing this listing appear on the Epic Game Store database is no surprise, as Remedy announced back in March that they had signed a two-game multiplatform deal with Epic Games. It was also revealed in their February financial earnings that they were also working on Vanguard, a multiplayer-live service type of game. “The goal of Vanguard is to create a game that combines long-term service-based multiplayer experiences with some of Remedy’s unique game features.”, they said in their financial reporting.

Additionally, the team is also working on the single-player campaign of Crossfire X that got announced last year. However, we see this being unlikely as the title is due to release on the Xbox first.

Whatever this store listing is, we expect to hear about it hopefully soon. Note that there are multiple digital events set for this year, and we’re hoping that Remedy announces their game in one of these said events.

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