Remnant From the Ashes SMG Location and How to Get It

Remnant From the Ashes Update 1.24

If you’ve started Remnant: From the Ashes, you’ll want every advantage you can get in order to dispose of the creeps trying to kill you. What better way to do that than with an SMG (submachine gune)! Much like the Drifter armor, the SMG is an early beginner weapon that you can find right after the tutorial. In case you need help, we’re here to point out the Remnant From the Ashes SMG location and how to get it.

We mentioned in the Drifter Armor guide that upon loading into the first area on Earth, you’ll be able to go upstairs into Founders Hideout where a Ward 13 keycard will be awaiting for you on the table.

This key is essential because it is used to unlock the door. Once you’ve picked up the key, head on back to the checkpoint and fast travel to Ward 13. You’ll want to travel back towards the reactor (area from the tutorial), but instead continue heading down the stairs to basement 2. The Area should say “Ward 13” on the wall. You can look at the map (the red x) for the exact location of those staircases.

Once you enter this area there will be a door requiring a keycard. This is the same Ward 13 keycard you had picked up earlier. Open the door, than travel down this main hallway all the way to the last room on the left, enter that room and a red pickup will be located on the ground. This is a key item called the Fuse.

We recommend you ignore the rest of the area for now as we will be returning here in the next step. For now, head back out to the entrance of this area and continue going downstairs to basement level 3, which is the research facility of Ward 13. You will notice in this area on the left hand side there is a fuse panel, place the fuse you just picked up here and then turn the power on at the same fuse box. This will allow you to use the keycard to open the door at the end of the corridor. Open the door, BUT DO NOT CONTINUE. Instead, turn around and shut off the power to this area. Proceed through the door now.

The reason we said to turn off the power is because in the next area there is a fan that will be on if there is power to it. This is where you need to go, and can now do so since the power is off. Inside the ventilation there is a small room with the red key item, the Ward 13 Master Key. You will need this. Grab it and head on back to Ward 13 Warehouse located on basement level 2 (the place you got the fuse).

Once you returned back to the Ward 13 Warehouse continue on down the main hallway, to eventually come to another hallway heading to the right. Follow this all the way down to another set of stairs that lead to a locked door. You can use the Ward 13 Master Key to unlock this door and upon entering you will see the submachine gun sitting on the table.

And that’s it! Congratulation on getting the SMG. It certainly is a great weapon that I personally have been using to deal damage in a rapid succession. Feel free to explore the rest of the area, there’s some lore and tomes scattered around.

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